October 28, 2019

October 12, 2019

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Book Review: Useless Magic

May 10, 2019

Well, you are all in for a treat! Bonus book review! I was cleaning my bookshelves and found a book tucked away from Christmas still (Thanks again, baby sister!), and figured it needed to be read this week as well!


If you need a refresher on my weekly book reviews, check it out here!


This week's book was a collection of lyrics and poems by one of my favorite singer/songwriters! So, this will be a shorter review as poetry is a little harder for me to review! So, check out my review of Useless Magic by Florence Welch!

 I have loved Florence and the Machine for forever, so I was super excited when she complied the lyrics from her albums, along with her original poetry into a collection! It was honestly a delight to go back and check out some of her lyrics again; they are stunning!


She split the collection into 5 parts, one for each of her 4 albums, and the final section was her poetry.


In between song lyrics and sections, she incorporated artwork that inspires her, as well as her own original pieces.


I really liked how she included doodles, and pieces of lyrics, as well. I think that really helped show her creative process. It also included some pictures of her, her friends, her apartment, anything that was an inspiration to her. I liked getting that personal connection.  


Now, onto her poetry! I always knew she was a gifted writer (her lyrics on their own are amazing), but her poetry honestly blew me away!


She is evocative in a way I think her lyrics sometimes lack, and focused on some heavier material in her poems. 


One of her poems "I Guess I Won't Write Poetry" really stuck out to me. It spoke to my own sense of writers block, and reminded me I need to put the time in to work on my art. Her poetry was very thought provoking and moving! I was pleasantly surprised by her writing!


I have no complaints about this gorgeously made and cultivated scrapbook. It gave me a little more insight into the inner workings of an artist I love, and gave me some thought provoking reads. I liked getting to see the art that inspired her next to the pieces they inspired. Florence is a true talent!


I give Useless Magic an enthusiastic 5 out of 5!

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